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Ft. Worth Law Dawgs


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July 17, 2013

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Updated: April 25, 2013



JENITA1016@YAHOO.COM October 22, 2016
Central MO LEO August 23, 2016
LEO from north central Missouri. There's no real LEMCs around, stumbled on your site. Looks real good.
Sickles July 29, 2016
Law enforcement
blagrif45@yahoo.com December 13, 2015
Its me BG, sent message but forgot to leave contact information
BG December 13, 2015
Just a question. I am a honorably retired Texas peace officer, I am a member of a AMA club and have been for almost 30 years. I have heard of your club, but had never seen any of the club members until last Sunday at toy for tots here in Corpus Christi. Reading your web site it talks about a prospecting period. Do all new applicants have to prospect ,or can a person come in under a probationary period, that s been a MC member for years. What is the prospecting time.
Raven ILMC October 9, 2015
Just wanted to send a shout out to y'all. I'm recently moved to Arlington from Massachusetts. I've ridden with the Iron Order MC for the past 4 years and currently am in the process of helping start up a new law abiding MC called Iron Legacy. Looking forward to meeting up with y'all and riding the great Texas roads. Oh and also, Nomad Crazy Horse (formerly of the IOMC now with the ILMC) says to tell y'all he said hello.
Sauce, President, Tribunal LEMC Central California May 25, 2015
Just browsing around at the other LEMCs in the area, came across your site and just wanted to stop by and say hi. Hope everything is good.
Ringo from Los Carnales MC Dallas/Ft.Worth chapter May 20, 2015
Just checking out other LE Clubs in the area, and found your site. I compliment you on your site, it is done quite well. I hope to see some of you guys on the road.
RICEBURNER Hawaiian Iron February 18, 2015
Just would like to let Top And Tank iam still alive and whats up Brothers
Bones July 25, 2014
It is with great sadness that we lay to rest "Shooter" of the AV Chapter of the ICLEMC
\"Sancha\" aka \"Pepperoni\" May 4, 2014
I don\'t think I could have meet a better group of people. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of the ride this weekend. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you guys and contribute to the shenanigans this weekend. Prayers for you guys who protect us and prayers for the wives that support you all. My home is open to you all when you pass back through.
Love you crazies!!!
Spy February 17, 2014
Just looking around from protectors LEMC houston psych ward chapter

Nice site
C. B. - PCSO December 14, 2013
Thanks for a great time tonight guys! Had a great time hanging out with ya'll. Look forward to hanging with you some more real soon.
JackD, President, Iron Order MC, Iron Paradise Crew, O'ahu HI August 26, 2013
I would like to express our sincere condolences on the loss of " Dragon". The thoughts and prayers of the Iron Paradise Crew are with you and his family during this difficult time.
Saddle Bags BBQ August 12, 2013
Saw a few of y'all at our restaurant this past weekend, was great having y'all out! Hope to see y'all back soon! Let us know if we can ever be of help for a start or end point for a ride, or meetings, or other events, we have plenty of room with 7 acres! Thanks so much for stopping in! Ben and "T" Saddle Bags BBQ, Granbury, TX
Don 'Nomad Stretch' Morgan OrlemcTexas July 3, 2013
A big thanks to the Brothers that met Pyro and me at his house to offload my bike. Love you, Bros !!!! RESPECT ALL......FEAR NONE
Kickstand June 30, 2013
Newest member of the Waco Chapter, site looks great. A great honor to be a member of one of the best I have been a member of.
Ride safe brothers, and as always be safe on the job; you NEVER know.
Nacho June 19, 2013
How do I add pictures to the site?
Buffalo Soldiers M.C. Killeen, TX March 15, 2013
We would like to invite you to our Buffalo Soldiers M.C. Field Meet on June 21-22,2013 should your time permit. Please follow link for more info: http://www.bsmckilleentx.org/Upcoming_Events.html

Also, great website. Keep your power dry and always stay focus!

Crash January 31, 2013
Just checking out the site love what you all stand for. Hopefully we run in to you down the road sometime.

Ozark Regulators le mc
Flaco La Familia January 20, 2013
Just stopping to say Hello...
Neptunepip January 5, 2013
Just saw some Iron Circle members while I was out with the family for dinner. I was definately impressed.
Brian December 2, 2012
Pyro (Protectors LEMC) November 21, 2012
Sorry to hear about the loss of Maverick. Be safe
Chris October 11, 2012
I am a LEO in west texas wondering if you know of any LEMC in the area. Love the site and what y'all represent and ride for!
AxMan September 27, 2012
Great running into you guys at Renos Chop Shop. You guys are a top notch crew and look forward to seeing yall in the future let us know if you are ever up by the Red River.

Law Dogs LEMC
OldSchoolCop1965 September 22, 2012
Interested in starting a chapter in North Louisiana.
Orange Ape September 13, 2012
Just checking out the site, good to see another LEMC in California. Hope to see you guys on a ride some time!

Orange Ape
Sergeant At Arms
Untouchables MC
Cali Crew
Chris August 29, 2012
Greetings from LEO Biker. We host a weekly podcast at www.leobiker.com. We discuss topics and other issues surrounding the LEMC world. Stop by and check us out!
Mousetrap August 7, 2012
Just stopping by to say hello, And let yall know if you ever have any events or anything yall want or need us for to help support our LE Brothers just give us a shout at info@diamondbackmc.com or at mousetrap@diamondbackmc.com, We would be more than happy to help any way we could.

National Business Manager
Diamond Back MC
Gunny July 22, 2012
Get me in Bones
AV Audrey June 17, 2012
Great website! Thank you for your service : )) I look forward to seeing you guys on the street
Jason June 17, 2012
Great site! Thanks for all you do!
DocFather, Iron Order MC, Nomad May 23, 2012
Just passing thru. Great site. Be safe.
Nitro May 22, 2012
Bones, Can you e-mail me at "oakraiderm@yahoo.com" so I can create the e-mail necessary to log in? Mahalo and Aloha!
Nitro May 22, 2012
Bones, the site looks great and is getting better all the time, you are the man!!! Aloha!
Eric May 6, 2012
Wanted to thank you again for the hospitality on 6th St. in Austin this weekend. Much appreciated! If we can ever return the favor in Montgomery County, feel free to contact us at http://seventhseallemc.com

Eric Hoffman - President
Seventh Seal LEMC
Chris March 23, 2012
Great looking site. Come check our club out at www.watchmenmc.com
Cano March 10, 2012
Hwy bones. Looks good bro. Call me when you get a chance need to discuss a few things on my end. TLB
Bones March 4, 2012
Thanks Tank, if you haven't been to memeber area give Stu or me a call we can get you in.
Tank March 1, 2012
Sites lookin great Bones
BIG DADDY February 24, 2012
Great site fellas. If you are ever in the Bakersfield or Central Coast area give us a hollar. We are on Facebook and also at IRONLEGIONMC.COM - IRONLEGIONMCCA.COM
RayRay February 16, 2012
Just wanted to give a shout out to the Antelope Valley Chapter. If you are ever in the Bakersfield area look us up. You can also check us out on facebook. Ride safe.

RayRay SAA Iron Breed LEMC Bako Chapter
Dan "Danno" Luttrell February 9, 2012
We would like to invite you guys to our National Safety Forces Motorcycle Rally in Branson, Missouri on June 7-10 2012.

Trouble from Ft Worth Law Dogs February 8, 2012
Just stopping by to say HI.. Nice site you have going !! Ride safe !!
Bones January 13, 2012
Thanks Poncho look for more changes soon.
Bones January 13, 2012
Site editing. In order to stop bots from spamming the guestbook Captcha has been added. A little inconvenient but we have had 5 attempted spam entries in 2 days.
Poncho January 13, 2012
Site is looking good!!
Bones January 7, 2012
Welcome to our new look




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