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The Iron Circle Motorcycle Club is dedicated to the comradery of like minded law enforcement professionals who love to ride!



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The ICLEMC supports the following clubs:
Ft. Worth Law Dawgs


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Skull Crush Gear

July 17, 2013

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It is with great sadness that we learn of the loss of "Pops" wife, Elva. All of our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

Updated: January 31, 2013

History of the Iron Circle LEMC

The Iron Circle Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club was originally founded in Arlington just outside of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in the great State of Texas in December of 2006. Thirteen like minded law enforcement professionals who shared a passion for riding motorcycles, riding together on the open roads formed a brotherhood of trust and loyalty. From this the ICLEMC was born.

The ICLEMC is a motorcycle club made up of 100% law enforcement professionals who come from different areas of the la enforcement community. Members of the ICLEMC all share a strong commitment to the values of law enforcement on and off duty. There are no 1%'ers and no member of the ICLEMC associate with or support these groups/individuals. Those who commit to the ICLEMC do not tolerate any activity which discredits the law enforcement profession or the ICLEMC.

The ICLEMC born in Texas now crosses mountains, the great plains and the Pacific Ocean. These chapters are dedicated to furthering the mission of the ICLEMC which is based in the founding member's creed, "Trust, Loyalty & Brotherhood". Each chapter supports law abiding clubs, other LEMC clubs that are committed to the values of their profession, and finally the communities ICLEMC members live, serve and ride in.

ICLEMC Mission

  • Promote Trust, Loyalty and Brotherhood among its members and associates
  • Provide a model for other motorcycle clubs
  • Support communities through patronage, charitable events and community events
  • Promote the law enforcement profession, leading by example
  • Foster relationships with other like minded clubs

HAWAII 2013 Fallen Officer Ride

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Our Website

The Iron Circle Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club website has an area for visitors and members. Here as a visitor you can learn more about our organization and our profession. You can leave your thoughts in our guestbook. You may contact us regarding other matters through our contact page.

ICLEMC Membership

You must be a current or honorably retired member of the law enforcement profession who shares the values and dedication the club expects from its mmbers. ICLEMC membership begins by contacting us through this website.

New Chapters

New Chapters are forming throughout the United States and may soon be introduced Internationally. New Chapters begin with at least four law enforcement professionals residing/working and riding in the same region. If you are interested in forming a new chapter you should contact us through our website.


The ICLEMC website is member maintained. If you have questions regarding our website send them to


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